War, Violence and Socila Justice

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War, Violence and Social Justice: Theories for Social Work
Kamali, Masoud
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xii, 195p., tables, charts
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316.485.26 KAM

This book analyses the role of war and violence (in both its physical and symbolic forms) for social work in a time of neoliberal globalisation from a social justice perspective. It argues that the consequences of wars, in both their old and new forms, and the exercise of symbolic violence for the practices of social work at national and global levels have been ignored. This work explores the relationship between recent neoliberal and global transformations and their consequences for intensifying 'new wars' and conflicts in non-Western countries on the one hand, and the increasing symbolic violence against marginalised people with immigrant and non-Western background in many Western countries, on the other. The analytical approach of the book, based on the theories of multiple modernities and symbolic violence, is unique since no other work has applied such theoretical perspectives for analysing inequalities in relation to the condition of lives of non-Western people living in Western and non-Western countries. This is a necessary contribution for social work education and research since the discipline needs new theoretical perspectives to be able to meet the new challenges raised by recent global transformations and neoliberal globalisation.

Includes bibliographic references and index

CITATION: Kamali, Masoud. War, Violence and Socila Justice . Farnham : Ashgate , 2015. - Available at: http://library.africa-union.org/war-violence-and-socila-justice

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