Quantitative Analysis of Road Transport Agreements - QuARTA

Kunaka, Charles
Tanase, Virginia, jt. author
Latrille, Pierre, jt. author
Krausz, Peter, jt. author
Washington, D. C.
World Bank Group
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Road freight transport plays an indispensable role in international economic cooperation and foreign trade. For short and medium distances in particular, road freight transport constitutes a predominant share of overall traffic, but it also plays a significant role in long distance haulage, where time is more of an issue. Therefore, efforts should be made to minimize any physical or administrative barriers hampering international road freight transport, given the integral part it plays in the global trade logistics industry. This study was motivated by a realization that, in the absence of full liberalization of market access, bilateral agreements are the main instrument used to govern and regulate international road transport services. Depending on their scope and the rights they grant, bilateral agreements reflect the degree of market openness between countries...


CITATION: Kunaka, Charles. Quantitative Analysis of Road Transport Agreements - QuARTA . Washington, D. C. : World Bank Group , 2013. - Available at: http://library.africa-union.org/quantitative-analysis-road-transport-agreements-quarta

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