Opening Hours

Opening hours

Days            Mornings             Afternoons       
Monday        08am - 01pm       02pm - 05pm
Tuesday       08am - 01pm       02pm - 05pm
Wednesday  08am - 01pm       02pm - 05pm
Thursday      08am - 01pm       02pm - 05pm
Friday           08am - 01pm       02pm - 05pm

The AUC Library is CLOSED during the weekends and AU Official Holidays

Changes may occur, kindly check our website before visiting us, Thank you  ---
Due to precautions that need to be taken during the current situation of possible Coronavirus spread, kindly be informed that the Library is CLOSED for 15 days until further notice. But, you can always send us your queries using the appropriate emails in the 'contact us' page:

Library Location:

African Union Commission, SPPMERM Directorate, Knowledge Management Division, Library Unit
New Conference Complex, 3rd Floor, ☏ Fax: 251-11-551-7844
Roosevelt Street, Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA

Library Floor Plan:

This is the general library floor plan. Each reading room 'content plan' will be soon uploaded.



Library Reading Room


Library Reading Room

AU Official Holidays - 2020

January 1 - International New Year
January 7 - Ethiopian Christmas
January 20 - Ethiopian Epiphany (Timket)*
March 2 - Victory of Adwa*
April 19 - International Good Friday
April 17 - Ethiopian Good Friday
May 1 - International Labour Day
May 5 - Ethiopian Patriots Day*
May 24 - Eid Al Fitr Ramadan*
May 25 - Africa Day*
May 28 - Overthrow of Dergue Regime
July 31 - Eid Al Adha*
September 9 - AU Day
September 11 - Ethiopian New Year
September 27 - Ethiopian Meskel (Finding of the True Cross)
October 29 - Mawlid (Birth of the Prophet Mohamed) *
December 25 - International Christmas

* To be celebrated as announced by the local authorities at duty station