Mahandas Gandhi : The South Africa Years

Cape Town
Maskew Miller Longman
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68p., ill, Maps
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They fought for freedom
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929GANDHI(540) GAN

Just over a hundred years ago a young lawyer arrived in South Africa from India to do some legal work. He planned to complete his work and return to family and friends to India. But Mahandas Gandhi soon saw and experienced for himself injustices in the country. He decided to stay and fight the government's cruel race laws. Later he returned to India and played an important role in its struggle for independence. Today Gandhi's "passive resistance" method of protest is known throughout the world - and is used by many who believe in non-violence as one of the ways of fighting for the rights.Gandhi's fight against racial and social injustice in South Africa as told by his granddaughter, Ela Gandhi, began a momentum which inspired many political organisations opposed to this country's racial laws. His legacy will continue to inspire people in their fight against all forms of oppression. Consulting Editor:Chris Wyk They fought for freedom tells the life stories of southern Africa leaders who struggled for freedom and justice. In spite of the important roles they played in the history of SOUTHERN AFRICA, most of these leaders have been largely ignored by the history books. The series tells the stories in an entertaining manner and in clear language, and aims to restore them to their rightful place in history. SERIES EDITOR:John Pampallis

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CITATION: Gandhi,ELA. Mahandas Gandhi : The South Africa Years . Cape Town : Maskew Miller Longman , 1994. - Available at: http://library.africa-union.org/mahandas-gandhi-south-africa-years-5

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