Knowledge Management Matters : Words of Wisdom from Leading Practitioners

Macon, Georgia
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vi, 201p.: ill. Charts
Girard, John|Girard, Joann
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005.94 KNO

Knowledge Management Matters: Words of Wisdom from Leading Practitioners is a collection of works penned by this amazing and diverse group of thought leaders. Each of these trailblazers has generously shared their knowledge with a view to helping you and your organization succeed in the knowledge environment. The tips, tactics, and techniques they suggest are time-tested and proven concepts that will help you achieve your organizational objectives. Their collective works are based on decades of experiences with real-world organizations. This is not a book of untested theories that might work, but rather a compilation of genuine words of wisdom from experienced KM practitioners who know knowledge management. Knowledge Management Matters starts with a brief overview of the evolution of knowledge management. Building on this historical foundation, we launch a wide-ranging exploration of the domain. Throughout the book are excellent examples of what works, what doesn't, and some thought-provoking teases about the future. The authors offer great advice on a variety of subjects including storytelling, big data, creativity & innovation, leading communities, knowledge assets, co-creation, catering for a transient workforce and so much more.

Includes bibliographic references

CITATION: . Knowledge Management Matters : Words of Wisdom from Leading Practitioners edited by Girard, John|Girard, Joann . Macon, Georgia : Sagology , 2018. - Available at: http://library.africa-union.org/knowledge-management-matters-words-wisdom-leading-practitioners

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