Environmental health in the Niger Delta: Perspective on Human ecology and sustainable development in the 21st Century

Nosike, Austin N.
Opara, Jacinta A, jt.author
Port Harcourt
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In Environmental Health in the Niger Delta, thirty-five leading Nigerian scholars mediated on those aspects of human health determined by physical, biological, social and psycho-social factors in the environment with particular reference to the oil producing communities in Nigeria. They emphasize the concepts, issues and challenges of environmental health and oil operations that run through a number of sub-themes and give it a distinctive place in both the natural and social sciences. Providing a fascinating picture of the Niger Delta through space and time, this richly illustrated book reveals the allure, depth, texture and variety of environmental health concerns. The volume features 17 essays written by contributors who represent a wide cross-section of the field. The book utilizes snapshot metaphors to focus on representative and symbolic points and human ecology of the Niger Delta landscape. Each concise essay offers unusual insight and demonstrates the value and use of methods and perspectives. Taken as a whole the essays illustrate a range of theoretical, analytical and descriptive approaches by health workers and environmental specialists to better understand human as well as physical sciences. This book is an ideal reference that every environmental specialist, health worker and environmental educationist will want at hand. It serves as an excellent text for instructors who wish to expose their students to the topical breadth of the field and it is a superb supplementary reader for environmental courses on the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Unusually accessible and engaging, the variety and brevity of these essays makes this work an ideal "browse and read" book for the interested general reader. Austin N. Nosike, a leading Nigerian management consultant and human ecologist is President, Development Africa Consortium. He received his early training as a social scientist and started his career as a journalist. He has held teaching, research and consulting experience at Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigerian Defense Academy, Technological and Economic Development Mission -TEDEM). Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Oweri, The African Management Institute and a number of other international agencies, governments and civil societies. He is Editor, African Journal of Development Studies and founding President, Nigerian Association of Journal Editors. He has written books and numerous articles in journals, chapters in books, monographs, occasional papers and conference papers.

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CITATION: Nosike, Austin N.. Environmental health in the Niger Delta: Perspective on Human ecology and sustainable development in the 21st Century . Port Harcourt : , n.d.. - Available at: http://library.africa-union.org/environmental-health-niger-delta-perspective-human-ecology-and-sustainable-development-21st-centur-3

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