Emerging Issues Around Cyber Crimes in Nigeria

Nnanwube, Ebere Florence
Ani, Kelechi Johnmary
Ojakorotu, Victor, jt. author
Adonis & Abbey
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Ubuntu: Journal of Conflict Transformation
Ubuntu: Journal of Conflict Transformation, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2019, pp. 55 - 71

Cybercrimes in Nigeria keep evolving and taking newer dimensions as its perpetrators encounter newer challenges in the crime system. Beyond the basic conning of people's financial assets, organization's data and intellectual properties, the fortification of some Nigerian cyber fraudsters has grown beyond the basics of intellectual smartness and creativity. Some spiritual elements are now being introduced to strengthen the survivability of cybercrimes in Nigeria. Emerging developments bring to light the gruesome murders being committed on daily basis at different parts of the country for yahoo plus rituals, the latest has even become the wanton stealing of women's under wears to make yahoo rituals potent. These issues have created multiple dimensions of victims all of whom can be categorized as direct victims of cyber fraud both locally and globally. The study sourced secondary data from scholarly articles and media reports; the data were discussed thematically. The study suggests that the security of women especially is highly threatened at an alarming rate. Although the security agencies are trying hard in arresting suspects in this regards, enough is not being done radicalize the mentality of Nigerians at large towards rising against internet fraudsters. The current value system which promotes materialism, hero-worship of corrupt but affluent leaders and persons serve as incubators for more criminality in the country. This paper therefore argues that cyber fraudsters have always posed threats to the security and image of Nigeria in the past, but has even become more threatening in recent times. Hence, a value re-orientation is required to curtail these dangerous effects. One of such becomes whistle blowing against internet fraudsters. This will not only sensitize Nigerians against criminal acts, but it will also promote a positive change in values.

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CITATION: Nnanwube, Ebere Florence. Emerging Issues Around Cyber Crimes in Nigeria . : Adonis & Abbey , 2019. Ubuntu: Journal of Conflict Transformation, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2019, pp. 55 - 71 - Available at: http://library.africa-union.org/emerging-issues-around-cyber-crimes-nigeria

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