Crime in Dar es Selaam : Results of a city victim survey

Rovertshaw, Rory
Louw, Antoionette, jt. author
Mtani, Anna, jt. author
Institute for Security Studies (ISS)
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343.97(678) ROB

In March 2000, two studies were conducted into crime and violence in Dar es Salaam - a victim survey and a series of in-depth interviews on violence against women. The studies were initiated by the Safer Cities project in Dar es Salaam and UN Habitat in Nairobi to gain an understanding of crime level in communities within the City Council's area of jurisdiction to assist in the development of a crime reduction strategy for the city. The study was based on methodologies similar to those used in South African cities for gathering crime information and supplementing police statistics. This book presents the results of the study, which comparisons are made with findings made in four similar surveys in South Africa. The book includes a description of the Dar es Salaam Safer Cities project, details of the survey methodology, and sections dealing with crime levels in the city, reporting crime to the police and help-seeking behaviour. Victim profiles are presented on burglary, simple theft, theft of crops and stock, vehicle theft, assault and robbery. The last two sections deal with fear of crime and perceptions of policing and how to improve safety.

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CITATION: Rovertshaw, Rory. Crime in Dar es Selaam : Results of a city victim survey . Pretoria : Institute for Security Studies (ISS) , 2001. - Available at: http://library.africa-union.org/crime-dar-es-selaam-results-city-victim-survey-4

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