Common grounds : Violence against women in war and armed conflict situations

Sajor, Indai Loudres (ed)
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Ascian Center for Womens's Human Rights
Ascion Center for women's human rights
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viii, 358p.
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391.2 ASC

History cannot be erased, women can no longer be silenced- Acknowledging violations, struggling against impunity: women rights, human rights- Breaking the collusion of silence- The case of forced evictions - Fundamentalism and femicide - Rape as a war crime - Mythology and History - Rape and war: the Japanese experience - How the violence against women were death within war crime trials - Backlash against the comfort women issue : Moves against history textbook references - The role of NGOs in the comfort women issue - the comfort women issue and responses of the Japanese government - Chinese women war victims and the legal responsibilities of the Japanese government - Taiwanese comfort women's quest for justice - Afghanistan: Atrocities against civilians - Mass rape and violence in the 1971 armed conflict of Bangladesh and crimes committed against women - Cambodian women in armed conflict situation - Violence against ethnic women by the Burmese military - Violence against women in east Timor under the Indonesian occupation - Borders and bodies: Recovering women in the national interest - The reproductive health of Vietnamese women and chemical weapons - Ethics of difference - working with women survivors.

includes bibliographies

CITATION: Sajor, Indai Loudres (ed)Ascian Center for Womens's Human Rights. Common grounds : Violence against women in war and armed conflict situations . Quezon : Ascion Center for women's human rights , 1998. - Available at: http://library.africa-union.org/common-grounds-violence-against-women-war-and-armed-conflict-situations-4

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