Beyond the 'War on Terror'

A study of criminal justice responses to terrorism in the Maghreb
ford, Jolyon
Institute for Security Studies(ISS)
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The country studies reveal a need for the Maghreb countries to further enhance national counter-terrorism responses through their criminal justice systems. This includes the development of further legal reforms, but the more significant challenge is to reduce the gap between existing laws and actual practice. This will require capacity building and training, as well as leadership on changing institutional cultures, mindsets and habits in law enforcement agencies and the justice system. The study notes that, in Algeria, overall progress is certainly discernable but the response is hampered by the legal climate and institutional culture sustained by the existence of a longstanding state of emergency. In addition, the primary role of military intelligence in the national counter-terrorism strategy undermines the strengthening of the justice system. Although Morocco deserves credit for its more narrowly targeted and transparent prosecutions and enhanced international cooperation, a number of challenges remain.


CITATION: ford, Jolyon. Beyond the 'War on Terror' . : Institute for Security Studies(ISS) , . - Available at:

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