An anthology of Myths, legend and falktales from Cameroon : Storytelling in Africa

Matateyou, Emmanuel
The Edwin Mellen Press
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xv, 255p., ills,
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Studies in Africa Literature vol. 4
0-7734-8514-7 (HC)
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39(671.1) MAT

This book on the Myths, Legends and Folklore from Cameroon is designed to introduce you to the rich complex and varied customs of the peoples of Cameroon which is fondly called "l'Afrique en miniature". By focusing in this book on Cameroon folklore, I am trying to enlighten the reader on the complexity and diversity of African literature. It is worth mentioning here that it is inappropriate to talk of "African" oral literature because there are many differences among the cultures of African. In Cameroon where more than 300 ethnic groups live together, there are differences as well as similarities in the various cultures. While the Bafia people who live in the savannah hate Tortoise to death, the Duala and the Batanga who live by the seaside have a very positive idea of Tortoise which is considered here as a genius character. While the people of the coast consume Tortoise flesh and use its shell for various art objects or purposes, the Bafia a contrario hate to see a Tortoise on their way because, according to their beliefs Tortoise who brought death to mankind will always bring trouble to whoever meets him. Thus a Bafia hardly tolerates the sight of a Tortoise nor accommodates anything related to it. These differences constitute a wealth of knowledge because they help for a better understanding of one another. But still there are many missing things in these written narratives: the joyful ambiance of storytelling sessions, the responses of the various audiences, the songs, the dances, the drums which add a vital spice to the recitation event,..

Bibliography : p. 233-237, Includes index
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CITATION: Matateyou, Emmanuel. An anthology of Myths, legend and falktales from Cameroon : Storytelling in Africa . Louiston : The Edwin Mellen Press , 1997. - Available at: http://library.africa-union.org/anthology-myths-legend-and-falktales-cameroon-storytelling-africa-5

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