African Union and the challenges of development

Olatunbosun Adeniyi
Opara, Ngozi Mercy, jt. author
Adeyemo, Toyosi, jt. author
Ekeria, Augustina Irenosen, jt. author
Faith-Lois, Bolorunduro, jt. author
Adonis and Abbey
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Journal of African Union Studies (JOAUS)
Journal of African Union Studies, Vol. 5, No. 2-3, January 2016, pp. 67-89

The role of the African Union (AU) in the promotion of unity and solidarity of its member states remains imperative with a view to achieving development in the continent. The AU is saddled with responsibility of attaining socio-economic integration through a concerted effort to alleviate poverty and tackle corruption, to strengthening good governance through political process and civil rule which underscore transparency and accountability in the democratic system. The paper considers the economic objective of the AU and discusses the desirability to shift from intra-continental marketing to intercontinental trading and investment with other continents, diversification of her economies and strengthening of her common market, so as to impact positively to world trade and sustainable development goals. On continental peace and security, the AU also needs to adopt a stern approach against terrorism pervading the continent through legal and military options to curtail the menace. The paper identifies challenges of insecurity, incessant conflicts, overdependence on foreign aid, corruption, political instability, inept leadership, inadequate infrastructural development, as bane of good governance and development confronting member states of AU. The paper proposes pragmatic steps to be explored by AU in curbing various challenges in a bid to improving the standard and quality of states and the African peoples.

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CITATION: Olatunbosun Adeniyi. African Union and the challenges of development . : Adonis and Abbey , 2016. Journal of African Union Studies, Vol. 5, No. 2-3, January 2016, pp. 67-89 - Available at:

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