African Security

Taylor & Francis
James J. Hentz
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African Security is a new journal dedicated to the exploration of fresh approaches to understanding Africa's conflicts and security concerns. In particular, the journal seeks to investigate the myriad issues relating to conflict and security within and between African nations, not only from the more traditional approaches to security studies but also from more novel and innovative perspectives. African security cannot be understood by applying only traditional theories and approaches to the study of international security, and to this end African Security seeks to push the envelope of traditional security studies, but in a way very much grounded in the extant security issues facing Africa. While the journal is based in the disciplines of political science, international relations, and international security, it welcomes theoretical challenges to how we understand conflict and security drawn from the perspectives of other disciplines, such as anthropology, development studies, environmental studies, and economics.

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CITATION: . African Security edited by James J. Hentz . Essex : Taylor & Francis , . - Available at:

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