About Us


The AUC Library was created to provide timely and relevant sources of information and knowledge required by the staff of the AU Commission, AU Organs,  and Member States Embassies to discharge their continental and global responsibilities.The Library currently reders both traditional and modern Library services with its combined pritned and electronic resources.

In this knowledge-led economy, it is indisputable that access to information and knowledge plays pivotal role, especially in enhancing  informed and appropriate decision-making processes. To this end, the AU library greately endeavors in acquiring, organizing, and preserving printed and digital sources of information and knowledge pertinent to Africa.


In line with its vision of  " being the premier sources of information and knowledge about Africa, from Africa, and for Africans" the Library endeavors to serve as the primary choices of Africans  in accessing unparalleled wealth of human’s intellectual capital, artistic creativity, scientific innovations, etc., in both printed and digital formats.

Besides, the Library is also engaged, as as much as resources allows,  in safeguarding and preserving Africans literary and cultural outputs, etc while also disseminating proactive, tailored and dynamic services, as its major preoccupations.

The AUC Library is administratively reports to the Head of the Knowledge Management Division (KMD), who in turn reports to the Directorate for Strategic Policy Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation. The latter, in turn, reports directly to the Office of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission.


The AU library’s goal is bridging the digital divide in access to desired informaiton and knowlegde, and serving as the primary choices seekes of information on, from and about Africa.  It working hard to render proactive,  tailored and dynamic information services supporting the continent's endeavor for sustainable developments.


 The AU Library’s specific objectives are:

  • To acquire, organize and make available, and/or virtually accessible, most comprehensive, historical and current information sources related to Africa, regardless of material type (books, journals, etc.), and formats (print, digital, etc.) in all AU working languages;
  • To proactively disseminate pertinent and timely information sources to the AUC management, Staff, and other patrons, with a view to keep them abreast of current developments in the continent, and the globe in general;
  • Build and preserve unparalleled sources of information related to Africa for future generations.